Harassment and cruel behav with me and my family

I have got married in 2011, till December,2014 she leaves with me at my parents residents, but during this period to she always behavs in abnormal way and torched not only me but also my parents and sister, In December 2014 she gives me pressure and repetitive told me that she wants to stay at her father's residents to complete her Phd and also for the treatment as at that's time she was suffering from some teeth problems, whereas at that time I have told her several times to go under medical check up with me but she repeatedly refused my suggestion, now since last one year I have called her but she doesn't reply in favorable Way, yesterday I have called her more than ten times but she didn't received my call, I have also msg her but didn't reply,Now I am afraid that she can takes any steps to demolized and harassed me and my family,thus I request all of you to kindly give me a proper suggestions so that if she want to stay with me than comeback at my residence OR if she doesn't want to continue the relationship than plz suggest me a proper way for separation without any obligation or black spot on me and my family.