Noc denied from society

Greetings , I had taken a top up home loan from a bank and i also needed to submit NOC from Society . But its almost more than 45days the society managing committee is denying to give me NOC . I had also registered a complaint with the registrar but nothing found to be working . My Bank had also sent a letter asking for NOC , but they denied to provide the same . The reply they gave was , " we would like to inform you that Mr. so on person was the ex chairman of the managing committee & there are discrepancies in financial operations during his tenure for which the responses are pending from his ex committee & are awaited . We have forwarded his case to DISTRICT DEPUTY REGISTRAR to take further actions . Based on the above facts managemnt committee is not in the position to give any approval of NOC ". Gov. Auditors have also done audit and they also confirmed that there is no any such discrepancies . The only mistake my committee did was , some of the meetings were not taken in time and some members had also replaced the committee ( for which i am ok . i don't have any issues . Anyone can run society ) . I had also requested the registrar to again perform an audit for the mindsake of people & these people are just throwing allegations without any proof . I request you to please help me in this case and what case i can file on them please let me know . I have also still not received any reply from registrar ( related to NOC )