Parent harassment by elder son and taken property forcefully

My father is over 60 years of age and mother is 53 yrs and has diseases like high B.P., sugar and mother suffering from high B.P. too since 2008. In Feb 2006 my elder brother got married ,after marriage his wife started fighting with my parents on the issue of transferring the ownership of my father's self-earned property on her's name and my elder brother demands money with giving excuse of money require for home expenses. I changed my job location in June 2006 from Jaipur to Delhi due to not able to see my parents in such condition. I got married in Nov 2008 and after this my brother's wife asked for seperation and they lived on rented house for six months approx in 2012 and took all the jewellery she got in wedding from my mother and all the photo albums with her, but later on when they felt they can't run their family without money - so they started pressurizing relatives to take them back in home. After relatives interference and social pressure my parents took them back in the house in Jun 2013 . since then there has been issues regarding my brother is earning less and my parents started giving money to them again for avoiding any clashes. There has been lot of interference everytime from daughter's parent side regarding small issues. Her father has threatened me & my parents several times. On 28th Dec 2013 my elder brother's wife starting fighting with my parents and me (when I was in Jaipur too), meantime she called her parents and her parents came at our home with goons and started beating to my parents and me & my wife. They forcefully took our signature on a blank stamp and next day my brother said sorry for this incident and burn a stamp in front on my parent, so we didn’t raise any concern, however later we knew that he didn't dispose actual stamp and burnt different stamp. On same day they told me to not to come again at home otherwise they will make false allegation on me, due to which i decided not to go to home. its been 2.5 years m not going to my home and staying at my in laws home whenever going to my hometown. On 15th July 2015 my brother's wife made a false harassment allegation on my father and this create lot of trouble in my parents life, neighbors are also supporting my brother because they are spreading lot of false things to neighbors from long time and my parents were avoiding all such things due to affection with son. After this allegation my parents were also started living outside around one year and during this time my brother took new electricity connection on his wife's name at our house. We found he created a gift deed using that stamp on which he has taken our signatures forcefully. Per this stamp my father has gifted his own house to my brother & my mother & to me (total four floors house is divided as - fourth floor to my mother, third to me & first on name of my brother, and ground floor is common among all of us) Once police investigated that harassment case and didn't find my father guilty after that my parents started living again at top floor and still I am not going to my home to avoid any false allegations. My brother is living on first floor and using ground floor and threating my parents for not coming at ground floor. Kindly advice How my father can cancelled that gift deed which was made by my brother and how my parent can live their life peacefully by moving them outside the home, this property has been earned by my father only? please advise on urgent basis.