Working Overtime And Late Night Without Safety For Girls

Hi friends, Here im posting this on behalf of my friend and she is working in well known MNC. I feels not good to say company name as it will create problem for her. She used to work hard from morning to evening and office timing is like 9.30 AM at 6.30 PM. Most case, She will work till 7.30 PM and start from there. In her team all are guys and they will come after 12 and work till 12 or even over night. Few days later people started talking like she is leaving early and it become like issue. Many days she started after 10 PM from there. When she joined it was one or 2 days in a week. Now it become regular and she will start after 9 PM or even 11 PM. I don't have issues in staying late, but in her team all are guys and main thing is they wont even provide cabs. We can claim by booking own taxi but its hard to get taxi after 9 PM. That area is tidal park, Inside tidal park its safe but outside its not, many times even my friends were robbed wallet, mobile by some guys. She used to take local train but there wont be much crowd and some guys started following her till home. One day a guy misbehaved and she scolded badly in road and he ran away. I told her to quit that job but company is a well known one and she wanted to build her career. I could able to do anything and even her parents are worried that she is coming late. I dont understand even small software companies are providing cab to girls any time and after 9 PM they will provide cab for all people most case. My company is a mid level company and policy is like after 9 PM cab is must for girls. Chennai is won many times as safest city in India. But past months lots of crimes are going on. She spoke to manager regarding this, but people in office advised her it will spoil your career and appraisal. Should we ask her to quit or suggest me any solutions!