Parents property case

Dear Sir, my parents had bought a house in meerut in 2005, and then the house was given on rent to my mom's cousion's known, without any papers Everything was ok till 2011 when after retirement my father told the tenant to vacate the house, which he denied and pin return putted a case on my parents for tresspassing l, without any single evidence ,the case was kept on going and then my father putted the case for eviction on him. The meerut court had dismissed the case of tresspassing finding it baseless and no evidence. then in may 2016 my parents won the eviction caase in court case . The court had orderd for eviction as well as the rent of 4years also. To which the opponent appealed in high court, then high court stayed the rent part and clearly mentionrd that no stay on eviction and house has to be evicted.On 9th august the meerut court again passed an order for eviction and told amin fot processibg. Now the amin is corrupt and is postponding it again and again . Tenent has given him a huge amount of money. what to do in this case. My father was a class 1 officer in railways and mother hoyse wife. they r old and physically very old and now mentally very harrase.