ETA STAR property — Incomplete handover project of ETA globevill

It very clearly shows they are least bothered to sort out the prevailing issues at ETA Globeville. The promised amenities have not yet been provided for past 2 years and still no work is been prevailed for completing the project 1. Even the Compound wall and gates are not in place. Lots and lots of strangers, cows, goats, dogs are roaming inside the site. These animals are posing serious dangers to the inmates especially the kids / children 2. Poor Shopping facility which cannot satisfy the residents needs 3. NO Clinic and/or Pharmacy 4. No ATM 5. No Gym 6. No Swimming Pool 7. No Club House and many more like this... On Services part, the security is almost non-existent. Their only job is to open and close the barrier. this itself they are finding it very tough to do!!! SERIOUS SECURITY THREATS ARE THERE with lot of strangers roaming inside the society. People who work in the nearby stone quarry which runs illegally causes big threat to local residents inside the flats. House Keeping is at its low. No Sweeping or mopping of common areas as per schedule. The No of people are also very low when compared to no of blocks / flats. These deficiencies are persistent for more than 2 years now. On top of it, the maintenance charges are being increased. We all know, the charges paid - Rs.2.- per sq ft per month itself is not justified and very high. Now asking for Rs.3/- per sq ft per month is exorbitantly high and cannot be accepted. Please share the maintenance expenses details immediately. Rental compensation for delayed handing over is still pending. CRM is simply saying that NO ONE IS ELIGIBLE FOR SAME!!!???????. When there was huge delay in handing over how can this be??? We, as owners, are left with no option but to seek alternate remedy either through legal action and / or media involvement. The builder formed an association with their own staffs