Passport Application pending due to birth certificate problem.

Dear Sir, I represent a case before you for one of my near friend. his DOB is 03/12/1990. No Birth Certificate. Passport rule that any birth after june/july 1989 should have birth certificate for passport. Now he acquired the birth certificate but the problem is that after his birth, his parents were separated. there is no divorce but mutual consent. he and his mother moved with a person who accepted both. (again no marriage certificate) His pan card, School certificate, degree, election card, all carry the name of the person who accepted them. but when applied for passport he was told to present birth certificate cz he was born after july 1989 and it is mandatory. He has acquired the birth certificate from the municipal office BUT there is name and surname of his old father , now this is the main problem. Agents are saying that affidavit will do BUT THEY ARE NOT SURE also, He wants to go for a tour abroad but now he is in dilemma. we tried many agents but they are not so helpful and asking heavy monies. Please help , ur advice will be very helpful to him. Waiting for your precious replies dear sirs.