About 41crpc

At brief my marriage was happened on August 2007, 2009 June filed a divorce case , in lower court i didn't get the judgment in my favor hence i approached high court about lower court judgment , High court has given interim suspension order on top of lower court order. Now case is running in high court. My wife is claiming maintenance through court so far i had paid 7 laksh to her as a maintenance through court, recently she filed petition in her area police station , the petition was including 498A,494,394, police filed FIR on me and they took me into station and they put me in front of judge, first question judge asked police whether 41crpc notice was issued or not , they didn't serve that notice to me with out that they took me into station hence judge was granted me the bail on the same day. In FIR, my wife included my parents , sisters and their husbands which are Govt employees , they didn't get the bail yet, now my question is police can arrest my parents , sisters and their husbands with out serving 41 crpc notice. Your answer is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.