For filing law suit

My father (RESIDENTOF CHENNAI) sold at village IN TAMILNADU ancestral property ( house site) which he got it on property division( by court order) after the death of my grand father.Again my grand father got the property from great grand grand father purchased the said house site long back when he was alive only from the income from agricultural land which he. got from my great grant father and hence ancestral property..My father sold main portion of the house site in november 2004(only given hand receipt without stamp) and got it registered in January father has one son and one daughter.His son died in may 2007.Assuch myself my sister in law (has one minor daughter,both are living with my parents) are elegible for equal share in the said property.AM I RIGH?IF IT IS SO CAN WE CLAIM BY FILING A SUIT IN APPROPRITE CORT? WHAT IS THE TIME LIMIT?ALSO I WANT ASSISTANCE IN FILING THE LAW SUIT. THANKING YOU SHOBITHA SRINIVAS/RAJAGOPALAN