498A filed without counselling

My brother married in July 2015. His wife has been staying at her parental home from October till date. She hardly stayed for 30 days at our home. When we went to receive her, we were a subject to verbal abuse by her father. He said he would not send his daughter and that all my family member would be behind bars. I also made a voice recording of all his sayings. We sent a notice and got no reply. We filed for RCR in our jurisdictional family court. Counselling have been going on. In February this year, a committee at our local mosque invited both the parties to sort out the things. A conclusion was not met. We decided to follow the procedure of the family court. In July my brother's wife, her mother and 2 other women posing to be from mahila mandal barged into my home and assaulted me and my younger sister. They stopped only after the intervention of local police. She recorded a statement not to trespass again. All this while in all of court's proceeding, police statements, committee hearings they never made any allegations of dowry or DV. But now they have registered a fir with section 498a on 9th of August. The police didn't follow supreme court's procedure and filed the case without any enquiry or investigation. They didn't even intimate us. We voluntarily had been to police station for some clarification and got to know about the fir. Now my brother's wife alleges that we took ?10 lakhs in cash, TV, furniture, electronic appliances, kitchen articles, jewellery worth lakhs at the time of marriage. And that we are still demanding dowry and not allowing her in out home. All the articles that have been mentioned actually are our own property. The police says they will seize all the items mentioned from our home.