Share of my 2 elder sisters of my pet.grandfathers property.

Sir, My Paternal G.Father having self acquired house had expired without settlement of property intestate in 1955. He had 3 sons and one daughter. My father is eldest son of him. My father also expired in 1967 intestate. He has 4 children 2 daughters (elders) 2 sons (youngers). A settlement deed was made and was registered in the name of above four children of my grandfather in 2014. My father share of 1/4 part-A, is registered in the name of my mother and 2 of our two brothers, as my sisters who are elders and aged residing one in Hyderabad, one in chennai have requested us not to include their names along with our names while registration, since they are not in position to attend for registration and assured they will give NOC if necessary whenever our family share of property is to sell. Accordingly the settlement deed was registered. My doubt is since as per the registered documents my mother and our two brothers are owners, eventhough my 2 elder sisters NOC is required while selling the property or they have to attend for singing the sale deed. They tell since their names are not there in the registered document no need to come for signature on sale deed but if necessary they will send NOC for sale of property. V.V.Babu, Vizag