Shop taken on rent

Hi sir.last year august 2015 i had taken a shop on rent in guwahati.the landlord had made2 agreement and one was of 10000 having date of 1july and one was of 30000 having date of 1august.. i needed the shop so signed both the agrement..and was paying 10000through my a/c payee cheque..everything was fine until there was a fire on diwali.aroung 40 shop wer destroyed..the my landlord told tp start the shop as soon as posible..and i did.after i made all the firniture again they came and told they will make a market so they needed the shop.and we gave them.possesion of shop is with me and i have again made the furniture.and shop is running now. the problem is the landlord has 2more brothers and told that they all wil make a combine agreement.but they are not the owner of the land..they dont have any papers of the land acutaly we came to knoe they are also tenant and the actual landlord have died having no landlor was giving rent in court for 40 yrs which they stoped long back. so wat can they do to my shop can the evict us.while the construction was going on the rent was exempted..but there was no agremnt for that..and now they want the shop..but i have paid the rent from may again when the construction was going.. .