And misbehaviour by collection agent icici bank

Respected Sir , I have taken a personal loan from ICICI bank on 06/05/2005 a/c no LPSG[deleted] from Siliguri branch, i kept on paying till NOV 2006 without a single bounce. In Dec 2006. i have to leave Siliguri as i joined E Tv Kolkata office , so approached the bank and intimated them that my bank account will be closed hence i want to replace the old remaining set of cheques and want to submit the new set of cheques for repayment. After repeated follow up for around 28 days they failed to short out the matter. Thus they requested me to contact AJC Road branch of Kolkata on my arrival at Kolkata but , landing upon there I found it is of no use as the branch intimated me to contact Siliguri branch only as it is not within their jurisdiction. Being fed up of such response I left the matter as it is. In the year 2007 I got a call from Siliguri as they managed to get my contact from my old office there and as per my instruction as briefing they provided them with my new cell no , and asked to pay the money immediately at Siliguri office only, which I arranged to pay through one of my friend Mr Mahesh Sharma, a well known businessman at Siliguri, but surprisingly and unwanted rude and un acceptable behaviour of the collection man made with Mr Mahesh , forced me to run from Kolkata to Siliguri ( 600 Km ) and lodged a complain with all the details of the persons involved with the bank on 15/03/2007 , and i wanted to close the account then only.(received copy of such letter of such is with undersigned). I was told to wait for 4-5 days and the bank manager apologised for the situation and passed on the responsibility saying the persons involved are belonged to third party collection agents and the bank will get back, but it never happened. As there was no response from bank’s side in last 11 years and I also not visited Siliguri afterwards I slept on the matter. Now after 11 years I got a call from Delhi some person named Rajdeep [deleted] in july saying from ICICI bank and after formal introduction and as usual i admitted that yes i am very much aware that money is due with ICICI and upon his query I explained him the details why it is due. After hearing this he suggested that even your pending amount is almost a lakh now he will manage it to Rs 31000 only, after a bit bargain I agreed to pay the same but told him need some time as some personal problem- to elaborate 1. I had resigned from my job a year back and started some own venture which is not yet break even so financial stability is a factor ( I can Produce my resignation and final settlement letter of my ex employer) 2. My uncle who was dependent on me passed away last month only, after suffering from cancer and had to pay huge medical bill ( I can Produce Death Certificate) 3. My wife is expecting to join a course for which I have to pay around 2 laks the result is pending at the end of this month ( I can produce the admit card copy) So in such a high time in financial ground I requested him for some time before i make some commitment as i don’t want to miss that. After taking into consideration all my financial plannings I told him to fix a date after 19th of November, but wanted his offer in writing which is denied. The game started now – My Phone was off for 3-4 days as I met with a bike accident, I got a call as soon I am available from the same person from Delhi with a totally different tune and the threats started with abusive words like- you cheat , have to pay by 31st Aug, we will call all your relatives, evidence of which you can get from your recorded tapes I suppose if at all it is there , however some of such conversation is recorded in my cell. Also this man called a number belongs to my friend Mr Sandeep Chatterjee and tried to threat him. In the mean time a person named Mr Amar Saha claimed from Guawahati office contact no [deleted] called me and he also wanted to solve the matter. I found this person Mr Amar Saha is quiet reasonable , but may be for his target not ready to accept my plea for some time. In the mean time the Delhi person become very rude and harse and slangs become very normal welcome note with various types threats, which prompted me to file an gd with the local Police station and to sought help from Mr D K Ghosh of Disha Trust Kolkata Office, and Mr Sujit Chatterjee my friend and lawyer of Howrah Court and upon their advise I have Lodged a complain with Mr. K.. Roy Senior General Manager Head Credit Cards & Personal Loans I.C.I.C.I Bank With A copy To : Ms. C. Kochhar Managing Director and CEO ICICI Bank and will be visiting your Bagnan Branch of Howrah District which is nearest to me or to Kolkata Shishu Mangal Branch by 30th Aug to procure the updated statement of accounts and to decide the next course of action.. As I already stated in my letter after 11 years of span I have not denied or refused to pay the sum but it is at any cost not acceptable such rude abusive behaviors by your collection agent which caused 1. Mental Harassment 2. Violation of privacy calling upon my friend 3. Abuse by using Slangs 4. Threats 5. Damaging my good will And thus having full faith on the system demanded proper remedial action and assure you the closure of this account as per the provisions of the banking codes. Kindly Advise Thanking you Yours Faithfully Sabyasachi Roy Chowdhury Po & Vill : Panitras Sub Po: Bagnan Dist : Howrah Contact no : [deleted] E mail – [deleted]