Does grandfather will destroy the naturre of ancestor property?

Grandfather had 17 unit of ancestoral property. scenario : a) 2 units transfered to father (father sold 2 unit for family and personal use) b) 1 unit sold by grandfather(money recieved by father after death of father in 2004. & 50 %money used other wasted) c) decree in favour of father to transfer 2.5 unit. d.) subsequently will by grandfather to father & mother equal share.1/2. e.) father sold 4 unit with forcefully consent of mother(1 unit used 2 wasted) f.) father purchased at 2 places 1/2 & 1/2 unit in his name by earlier funds.(sold later -1/4 of this used for family other wasted). .at this time 10 unit left 3.5 with mother 6.5 with father g.)father again want to aleniate remaining 6.5 units . ques.1 what is the right (share) of 2 grandsons and 1 great grandson & 1 great grand daughter . in grandfather property (17 unit)or in father's share ? and at what time.? ques.2. how to stop alieniate of remaining 6.5 unit(father). ques3. can father's sister has any right in said units? please reply.