Cases I have filed against my husband and in-laws

U was married in 2012. It was a inter cast marriage. Initially my husband was very nice to me for about 4 months. After that I don't know what exactly happned my husband transformed from what he was to me. He started hiding things from me, started having extra affairs with many and different girls and ladies. Fights every night.., cribbing in me and my family for not giving dowery they way it was expected. When I got to know about affairs, I told to my mother-in-law, I got got a answer that he's a young boy, he will do this. It's normal for a man. With the age he'll change. Then I could understand that it's my in-laws who are encouraging him for all this, as right from the beginning they never liked me. I tried everything to pull the marriage, I started going to late night parties n clubs with my husband so that he get diverted and come back to me. I started wearing clothes as he wanted... But after that also nothing really happened. Then I thought may be a child can make this marriage work. So I requested my husband, that I want to have a baby. He refused. And my in-laws also got against this. Saying that our son is young, why do you want him to be jailed in married life and kids so early. I had to really convence my husband for a baby. Finally he aggred. But he had his demands.... 1) not my responsibility 2) only u will be taking care 3) you will manage everything, never involve me. 4) I don't want to become father so soon, neither I want to feel old. So u manage yourself and don't then push me. I accepted, and finally I conceived, but in just 2 months things got even worse for me. This time I was mentally and physically was very weak... So my husband took the full advantage of it. When I was 5 and a 1/2 month pregnant my husband and in-laws forced to abort the child, whatever best way they could. My husband even kept a situation whether this child or me decide in 3 days. Then I decided my child. That's how it all stared. I got pregnant in 2014. Then I had internal bleeding so my mother-in-law got little scared and sended me to my parental house which is in the same city. And told my mother that let me be here till the time I font get fine, and I can stay with my parents till the time I wish to. My mother thought that am Kuch to have such nice and understanding mother-in-law. But I knew well that they are trying to get rid of me and my child. Then they created such a situation for me and made me so scared that I started getting very scared of going back to my husband's house. And all this they used to do on phone. And in front of my parents they were very sweet and nice, so everyone in my family started scolding me that it's me who now don't want to go. And like a stupid I never dare to share these things to my parents. That they scare me by saying that if I come to their house they will do harm to me and my unborn. I was under so much of trouma that u never even recorded the conversations they made to me. Then in Feb 2015 my daughter was born, I had last hope that my husband will surely now come to see her. And my marriage will be saved. But I was wrong again. No one came. After this I decided to file an FIR against my husband and his family. And I did. I have not filed a case for divorce because I don't want to let him go so easily and spoil someone else's life. He was announced JC but got bail after 4 days. He became revengeful now. There was no protection also provided to me and family by the court. And after my baby turned 2 months, my husband and his parents hired a kidnapper name Khushboo Sharma lady don coco. Who was then got arrested. But again police was managed by my in-laws. They simply refused to wright FIR. Then I had to go to higher officials. That's how she was arrested in two months. Being in the same city roaming openly. When the strict orders were given by the police DG to the SHO the girl was arrested in 6 hours. she was planted to kidnap my daughter, so that I take my case back. Now this was one more new case filed on him. And recently he have filed a divorce petition in family court.... And I know my husband is having an affaire with a girl and he eagerly wants to marry her. I any able to collect the avidence but am sure soon I will try to get them. As my husband and his parents have made recently lot of money through lot of legal and illigal businesses, so they keep managing police and more. My case being very strong, has gone quite weak. I need suggestions. I will never let my daughter go to him. I simply want him to be away from her. As I don't feel safe for her at all. In the divorce case he has mentioned that he should be allowed my daughter for keeping her with him for 2-3 days in a week. Which I can never allow at all. And lastly he and his family have spoken so much ugly about my character which really started effecting my social, personal & professional life a lot. They have really said lies to the extend that the child is not his, he doubt. I am facing lot of problems in the work place and social gatherings. The problem is that it's all verbal. I have nothing in written by him against me. But I want him and his family to stop this ASAP, if it's possible in the law to stop all of this.