False case of 498 and 315

I married 6 years back and my wife left me to her parent house creating a small dispute with my family after one year when my girl child born in first year of marriage. I have tried to call her with back with community elders but efforts in vein. I belong to Gujarat but working in NOIDA since last 7 years and have a settled Job. Her parent wanted me to settle near their town in Gujarat but i was not agree. Last year they put he false FIR against our family of 6 person my mother my 2 brother and their wives that we are asking dowry and we tried to abort the child. In fact we never did such acts and child was born with normal delivery and healthy. She has already given this report in his statement to the police. To save ourselves from arrest we have compromised, I resigned my job and doing petty job in Gujarat as forced by them. We made a MOU that if i settle in Guajarat near my wife parents town, then they will withdraw the case in a one year. I am rally not happy with this situation and spoiling my life as my wife is not caring and she is behaving as per her parent and brother advise. Please advise : 1, Shall I keep quite till they withdraw the case ? 2, Shall we proceed with case to get the judgement of court as we are not at fault ?? Pls advise