I am Hindu. Age 26. I had arrange marraige on July 2016.before marraige my in law family told us my husband is MBA be engineer with high salary. He will take me to Bangalore where he works. But after marriage he went to Bangalore alone. Later I came to know he is hot tempered. His mood changes without any reason. When he come home for 1or2 weeks after five or six month s, he misbehave with me without any reason. I also came to know his salary is so minimal, he will never be able to take me to his work place. He also don't provide any money for me and his parents. My in law parents misbehave with me for this ground. One day on October 2015 during puja vacation, my husband and my in law parents created such situations that I forced to leave my in law home. I was so much mentally shocked that still now i am under the treatment of a psychiatrist. I presently live with my parents. I did not made any complent to police, thinking that thinks will become normal and because of face loss of my parents. But it did not. Now my family and I trying to get divorce. My family asked them for mutual divorce two months ago. But they are not responding in any way. What can I do ? Please Advice.