Double registration

I have a land which is sold by pattedar. The document is a notary document because at that time i had no money for registration. Later i have adjusted amount for registration but the pattedar and his family members have gone to their native place. So they are not available and i have done registration by showing their a small hut and obtaining house number. After some time the small hut was collapsed and now it is a open land. But now the problem is i came to know that tha area is declared as cealing surplus in the name of pattedar. I have registered the property in 2004 and till date i am regularly paying house tax. Recently in february 2016 some other people registered the same land and tried to grab it. But the municipal officials and Mandal revenue officers came and stopped the work as it is a cealing surolus land. The opposition party who registered this year obtained a No Objection Certificate from Urban Land Celing office in the year 1998 and in this year they registered to some other the registration is based on ULC NOC. I took that NOC issued by Urban Land Cealing of other party and in RTI act i have applied for the authencity of document. In reply i got that the required documents are not available. The opposition party who have double registered is a advocate. I am going to make objection on the court on the document which is registered this year. Now the oppostion person is trying to register one more document with some.other third party persons who are unknown and he got the pattedars grandsons for registration. I have applied for regularization of land to Mandal revenue officer. My problem is how to block further registrations on my land. The registrar is telling me that if i will get objections from the court he will block the property to the persons on which i will get objection but he cannot stop the other third party persons from registration. What shall i do in this situation? Very much confused.