Cyber related issues

Hello there.. i have a question to be asked and also i wantd to gather some information regarding prostitution law.. as i have seen the website KANOON.COM .. some people were asking about the law related to prostitution and about prostituton laws.. i have also the same issue.. so my question is as follows. due to some matters (personal), i wanted to create a male escort website onto the internet for my own personal use.. i can't step back with the decision of creating an male escort website cos i have many reasons behind.. on the other hand you can say i am being forced by myself to enter onto this field.. and i can't step back as it is my firm decison...any how i want to do it.. i know you might be thinking weird about my decision but that's true.. and the matter is i will be creating it for my own personal use and wont be employing anybody onto it.. that website will be for my own and own personal use.. no any prostitute , call girl , female escort, will be employed as my staff onto it.. now this was the whole scenario.. my questions are:- 1) can any cop bust me for creating a male escort website? 2) although i will be doing this business for my own use and no any third person employed , so according to me i don't see any chances of being caught. but still i need an advice.. cos i want a safe business to be done 3) if they still come to catch me, can i brive the cops as most of the escort agencies do pay the cops and they play it safe.. no troubles ahead.. i came to know about this matter cos once i came accross a escort, who explained that they brive the cops for it and they are safe.. 4) i don't think that i can be caught cos most of the girls and boys do it personally and they are okey with it.. no any troubles 5) Inspite all this matters.. please do suggest me how to stay safe making a personal escort website , as you can see so many female escort websites do run onto the internet.. 6) will hiding my IP address make me secure from cops ? cos i dont want to be caught,, police just needs money (frankly saying), as the whole world knows ,, but i dont want to pay the unnecessarily cos i am doing this for my own and it's only and only for me please guide me what could be done in such situation.. waiting for your reply thanks..