Right of unmarried daughter in undivided non-partioned holdings

Sir, I am a unmarried daughter with my father having died in the year 2000 prior to the commencement of this Hindu Succession (Amendment Act), 2005. My late father had two sons and one daughter as his offspring. My question is regarding "Right of unmarried daughter in undivided non-partitioned holdings" Upon the death of my father intestate (with no will executed prior to his demise) the name of his two sons was automatically included in the agricultural land records through succession. The present land holdings are still undivided (non-partitioned) and all three of us and their families fall under HUF status. My question is if the said property being still a joint holding; in the present situation do I have right to ask for inclusion of my name in the revenue records as a legal representative of my late father. I have read that as per the amendment both the father and daughter need to be alive in 2005 for taking its benefit and if the father has died prior to 2005, my status would be seen as a sister upon which the present amendment has not thrown any light. But does this mean that I cease to exist "legally" as a daughter of my late father and in the society my status will be recognized from the view point of a sister only. Further, if legally I am still recognized in the capacity of daughter than does my right as a daughter mature.