What to do pls pls pls help

Hello Sir/Mam, married in june 15 wife started living seperatly without giving reason since dec -15 i tried calling her, sms her, whats app her but no reply, but she use to taunt on the marrieg life we had so far on fb with quotes on how a proper mother in law shld be, how a proper father in law shld be, etc etc, and i have one of chats where in she is communicating with her old frnd who likes her and had proposed in past and has mentioned in the chat that she dosen't love me anymore, and efd up of marriage etc and her frnd is asking her to call of the marriage. since then she left me. till now from dec-15 she has not been in communication with me inspite me having calling her ,n all our family meet happened in jan 16 and they said they will let us know if they can send her again in 2 days, but no reply, after that one month passed and they asked to make us papers of mutual conscent and she said to us that she dosent want to continue, i tried a lot to convince her, but she is not ready to talk. but now they all are asking money i cannot pay them money bcoz i did not do anything, i never bet her, nor abused her, infact she tried to do suicide at our home 2-3 times that time we informed her mom and called her at our home also but she gave some irrelevant reason to hide actual reason behind doing so. now how to proceed, pls help me as i have shifted to mumbai from hyderabad and initially it was a shock for my entire family, i cried many days, was sick, went blank from ind, left my job, was sitting at home for 3 months but have to run family bczo it depends on me so shifted to mumbai and earning here but i have still my marriage loans to pay and also manage family on momth to month basis. hardly any savings. and my career has not been so good, i earn avg and i want to pursue my childhood dream for which this situation has been a hindrance now. unable to find peace as every 4-5th day i find myself helpless. my advocate has advised to send her a notice ? pls pls pls pls pls let me know what to do, my wife is working and earns just less than me,.