My Rights on Husband Property

I am 60 years old. My Marriage was happened 43 years back. But i left my husband with in a week after marriage. There is no physical relation between us hence no issues born. Then on wards i am living separately in my residence with my parents and did not go for second marriage. Even my husband did not go for second marriage and he is living with his brother family. No divorce was taken. There is no talks between my husband and me. Recently my husband died. I came to my husband village and Hindu traditional activities were done by me as wife. I have taken photographs of these activities. But My husband has not mentioned me in any record like Ration card, Voter card etc in his village. Also there is no documentary proof (like Marriage Certificate, Reception card, photo, etc) to my marriage. But i put my husband surname and his name in the father/husband name option in all my identity cards in my village. Now i have been residing in my husband house since his death. My husband's brother opposes me on my husband property as they are having gift deed to his son by my husband. Is there any right on my husband property. Please suggest me what can i do.