I got married in october 2015. After marriage my inlaws started abusing me by saying you have bring nothing with you. After 1 month of marriage my sister in law came to my matrimonal home. She started torturing me badly. She said my husband and mother in law to throw me out of the house otherwise she will not come here. My sister in law is married. she was a divorcee too. This was the last day when i was in my matrimonial house. After my sister in laws influence my mother in law started saying to my husband to divorce me. My husband forcefully dropped me at my parents house. After 2 months i came back to my matrimonial house. After 15 days my house started saying if you want to live here you have to do job. othrwise we will throw you out of the house. when i refused to do my husband had throw me out of the house. i did not take any clothes and jewellery from my matrimonial house. Now 6 months have passed. My husband did not try to contact me. When I call him he said he wants divorce and said i had too jewerry of rupees 4 lack from his house. I was not carring anything from there. He dont wants to pay ailmony and maintainance. I am not financially strong to put cases against him and his family. i dont want to give divorce. I have filed a complaint in women cell. Will I get some help there? what should I do?