Change in place of birth in passport

Hello sir, I recently got my passport, And because of my mistake while filling the application the place of birth is wrong in passport. I want to rectify it. i was born in Hoshiarpur Punjab, but my passport shows Pandoga Himachal (State Change). my DOB is 86 and thats why they didn't asked me for birth certificate while applying for passport. but now i have my birth certificate with all correct information. i want to apply for re-issue passport and there is document mention in checklist as below :- *** First class judicial magistrate's /Sub-divisional magistrate's (civil court) court order,if change in DoB is more than 2 years or in case of conflicting documents/ if change in place of birth involves change of State or Country) (In case change of place of birth involves change of country, also attach Document No. 7(Certificate of citizenship by MHA)))*** and i have asked many people about it, but everyone says court orders not necessary and an affidavit mentioning the correct birth place will be enough.. please let me know what should i do, should i get the court orders only (but a lawyer told me court orders take 3 to 4 months) or should i get only an affidavit ?? passport authorities accept the affidavit mentioning correct birth place with a copy of birth certificate ?? Thanks Kamini