Purchased agricultural land, but not farmer

I recently purchased a 40x60 feet plot from a plot owner in bangalore. Seller had purchased plot from developer. The layout has panchayat approval, and I was told the layout has DC conversion. The plot was supposedly in survey number 105 in doddagubbi village, bangalore, and this survey number was converted for nonagricultural purpose. Seller gave conversion order copy for survey 105. For the plot, seller gave form 11b which mentioned plot number and also conversion order number. I purchased the plot for 43 lakh and registered in Banaswadi subregistrar office. A year after registration, I realized that the plot is physically in survey 104, and this survey number is not converted, meaning it is agricultural land. Now, what will be the consequenses of 79A and 79B? All of my family member's lifelong earnings is invested in this plot plus we took huge loans. Now, we are afraid to construct, as it means risking more money. Please help. There are many more purchasers like me who are trapped in same lyout. Me and my parents are Kannidagas, but do not own any land or house in karnataka other than this. We are staying in rented house lifelong.