Divorce and 498a

Hi all i filed a divorce case wen my wife sent a lawyer notice to me. I replied to the false allegations as they said i I'll treated and dowry harrased. After that on hearing date she didn't appear in court only his lawyer appered nd i don't know what he spoked to judge and they gave two months time. After that the lawyer of my wife is threatening me that he is going to file dowry harassment case against me nd my family and also maintance case. My question is it possible to file harresment and maintenance case even though she had left my house 6months before and my case is running in court and the lawyer appeard so now is it possible to file a dowry case against me and also he is saying for maintenance case i hve to go to her place. So plz anybody clarify my doubts and how can i defend it and also my wife lawyer said that he paid 10000 advance for supreme Court to move the case from my native sub court plz clarify and he is demanding 4.8lakhs to get mutual decree and is it legal way to do that can anyone help me out.