Import sex toy from aliexpress

Hi Friends Please help me Hi i am student, i purchased 1 sex toy from online e commerce site price $6.81 (around 430/- indian rupees) . i didnt received goods it is struck indian customs , mumbai . I donot have knowledge before purchase this product after 20 days stuck in customs , i received letter today Notice of call/cum-show cause memo Letter posted on 9/8/16. i letter received it today 24/08/2016 , 15 days is over, :they mentioned documents specified in the schedule mentioned underneath with in 10 days from date of receipt of this memorandum" , date of submitting documents is over? They asked to provide 1.Purchase Invoice/Commercial Invoice. . 2. Transactions details/payment details. 3. Copy of Import-Export Code Certificate, if any. . , 4. Technical Write up/Literature/Catalogue of the imported items. 5. Duty Exemption Notification no., if intended to claim. 6. End Use Certificate on company letter head. 7. In case of free samples, declaration should be filed as per Customs Notification NO.154/94~C 13.07.1994 along with the copy of IEc 8. Declare the value of the goods for assessment purpose, in case of goods received as gift. 9. You are also requested to refer Notification S.O.No.1056(E), dated 31.12.1993 issued by the ‘ ministry of Commerce regarding prohibition of import of goods which are liable for confiscation and release on fine and penalty under the Customs Act,1962. 10. As per Wireless Planning Coordination (WPC) guidelines, NOC from WPC is required for the release of the said parcel. Therefore, you are requested to submit the NOC form WPC as early as possible so that we may enable to release your goods 11. If imported items falls under Chapter 29, 30 and 33, the compliance Requirement (CCRs) for clearance the same is required No Objection Certificate from ADC for the items are pharmaceutical Grade/ Drugs/Medicines/Cosmetics etc. ' What should i do now? What if i wont reply to them?