How to get divorce

Hi my name is Kumar. My wife is not living with me from last 1 year 1 month. She left my home at 27 july 2015, after 15 days her mother called my mother & informed that my wife is pregnant but when she left home she and i both didn't knew that. she spend all time of pregnancy at her home after delivery she filed simple complaint in police station against me that i physically and mentally tortured her. she claimed that when she left home she was 1 month pregnant which is lie. Now she dont want to divorce me and also dont want to live with me. Now my question is she is ready to live with me but with my parents as i have type 1 diabetes and other health issues. Now i said i am not living with my parents i live with my friend and i want to migrate at my village cause i couldnt afford things as i jobless. Now my question is what should i do? should i file RCR and take her refusal on before court, i also planning to file civil injuction to restrict my wife to come back in home. what is the proper steps RCR, Civil injuction (by My parents) & divorce please guide what should i do first. i cant take divorce on the basis of adultery cause if new born child is mine then i will face more trouble i cant make statements properly. Please guide me i am in big confusion