Property dispute between brothers & sisters.

Dear sir , I listen that Daughters also right in Fathers property as per Law is it correct , As my father passed away in 2007 , the entire property in my father name at Hyderabad one Building and one open land at Village , Now my sisters Demanding equal share in property is it correct , i am denying as i have taken care of my mother till January - 2016( she passed away in jan-2016), my mother also willing to give entire property to me only but the property not transferred in my name . 1.Now my sisters demanding equal share in property . I am willing to give Village land but they are listening. 2.and they want share in Rent since 2001 , is their demand is correct , as my father told to give 3 months Rent to one sister and 3 Months Rent to one Sister and for me 6 months as father told orally. Is their demand is correct , My argument is now then i am giving them Gifts ( Rakhi Festival). 3.and they want share in my mother Bank Balance . ( Pension Account ). 4.I told them very clearly i do't want give share in Hyderabad House as i have given my mother Gold and i want to Village Land and some Cash ( My mother Family pension A/c Balance ). Now They are listening any mediators and my relations word. 5.Now they want to go to Court , will they win if they go to Court as they do't have any property papers with them all the documents are with me only , what can i do if they go to Court and what can i do if i receive Lawyer Notice. 6. Can i have any chance to transfer the property in my name . 7.As My sister got married in 1985 and other sister 2001 , my argument is in my entire family ( Uncle and Babais have not given any share to their daughters on this basis can i win the case . If they go to court how many days it will take to solve the issue . 8. can i sell the House with out my sisters concern. Pl Advice Me.