I had an arranged marriage.my husband was divorced previously..his ex wife filed a case against him n then they mutually divorced at some compensation amt...now the problem is my husband and his family keeps harassing me all d time for dowry...they keep abusing me and my parents..they keep threatening me they will marry for the third time if i don't get them the required dowry which is a v big amount...when I said i cant they keep forcing me to attempt suicide or leave d house....i was pregnant for two times first time they forced me to abort it as it was too early.. nd they made me eat a pill..next time when i was forceful that m not going to abort it...they kept abusing me nd made me do all d household things nd kept me stressed all d time...he beaten me nd after few days I came to know my baby was dead..i was three months pregnant then...he threatened me that he will kill me wd a gun(which he has kept wd him)if I will say a word about this to anyone...now he has left his job...they don't let me do one..i was doing a teaching job...they took all d salary..they made me leave the job..now I manage all my expanses from eating to everything from my father....they don't give me nythng...he doesn't want a family with me at all...he doesn't want kids...i want to divorce him...but he keeps threatening me that if I will go to police..he will kill me nd my family....plus his father is a lawyer...he says they will win the case anyways...so don't u dare to open ur mouth..they say if u don't get d dowry money we will prove that u r mental n we can leave u easily..n we will remarry...m married to him for two and half year..please suggest me what is the right way to deal with this..i m a masters in science and bachelor in education..m a certified pgt teacher..plz advice me the best way to deal with this.thank u.