Grandchild claiming the right in the property of grandfather

Grandson file a suit after the death of his grandfather self acquired property, who has two son and one daughter. suit file by daughter's son (grandchild class 2 heir). grandfather died in 1945. property was distributed between his two son and daughter has not claim any right in the property till she was alive, she died in 1954. This total property is sold in 1990-2000 and two sons and daughter who are class 1 heir are not alive. When property was sold, title advertisement was given in news paper, even at that time no objection was raised by grandson. Now after the death of her mother its almost 60 years, he is filing a suit that his both uncle has wrongly enter the name in revenue record and not gave share of property to her mother. Their is no such documentary evidence ,only revenue records in which it shows the entry . Revenue entry of 1945 is taken as evidence and file the suit. Revenue record has recorded the dead certificate date and enter the name of two son , no other explanation is given in the note.