Got cheated by Country Club / Country Vacation

1) On August 2014 I was called for a meeting at Amrutha Castel to come and collect some free gift own in a lottery. I and my friend attended that meeting based on curiosity. Same day during this meeting, we were offered Country Vacation plan, where a manager from that team, Ms.Sakthi, explained about this offer. That offer consist of following point but not limited to a. 6 nights and 7 days of vacation yearly at any Country Vacation/Country Club resorts and hotel throughout India.. b. During stay, a car with driver cum guide c. Other than me, my wife and 2 kids, if I want to take any other couple, they will provide a separate room with nominal charges or if I am reducing my vacation days no need to pay anything. d. There won’t be any off season and I would be eligible to book my vacation throughout the year. Team also didn’t allow us to take decision later because that offer was valid only during that meeting on the same day. After taking some time and looking at their lucrative offer, we planned to join that club. I paid 80 thousand in two different modes. After one week of taking this membership we planned for a vacation as in the last week of September and I approached their reservation team to book me a room in Kerala they have arranged a boat house for 8000 INR in their associated property. But the boat house quality is very worst and we have asked the boat driver, he confirmed the real cost for the boat rent is 3500 INR. We have complained to Country Club and asked to refund the amount but no proper response from them. Today on 23-Aug, i have asked to book holiday in Munnar for 3 days, 27-29 Aug. They have booked and i have paid 1000 INR for utility charges and same day due some reason i have asked to change the date to 2-4 September. They have informed that yes you can cancel the booking and no refund of utility charges and you cannot book for new days and the days will not be added into your account for the for future use. I have asked them it is not available in the agreement and any communication, they confirmed yes it is not available in the agreement but it is like that only. Later I went through Internet and realized that this is an issue and even previous members are not able to book any vacation in last 3-4 years during any festive season as they are always told that rooms are not available. Still i am fighting with them. Please advice to proceed further. Thank you