Wife left! Not giving divorce!

Mr A's wife has left him two years back. He does not know the reason why did she leave. She lives in the same building but acts as stranger. He waited for her to come back for two years and finally applied for divorce. First, in the counseling session she said she wants a flat as alimony. But then, in the next counseling session, she said she will not give him divorce and neither she will come back. He does not want her back at all now and seeks divorce as he has gone through a lot and suffered emotionally in these two years. Now recently he met another girl and fell in love with her. His three counseling sessions are done after filing a divorce case against his wife. But now he is worried if his wife refuses to give him divorce how can he spend life with his new found love? Note: His wife is having a government job and earning for herself. Is living-in with his new love an option for him? How long approx. it will take to solve his divorce case? He or his family never demanded dowry or did not give any ill treatment to his wife. Please help! Is there any way out that he and his love can live together and have babies in the future? :(