Fake complaint logged by Brother's Wife against brother and all.

Hello Sir, I am writing on behalf of my brother. Actually my brother is working in cruise and periodically go abroad for 8-10 months contract. He Got married in 2014 in India and till marriage everything was Ok. after 1.5 months of marriage my brother went for his contract and during his absence my parents were looking after her, i m staying in Mumbai with my family and go once in a month to meet parents. 1) In the absence of my brother his wife (girl) used to get a frequent calls from her family and after call she changed her to very anxious over our family. My parents thought this she is missing my brother hence she got anxious. This had started very often and then she started walked to her parents now and then for any wage reason ( her family stays near to us). There were so many incidents where she behaved very rudely over my parents. 2) There were so many incidents where my brother caught her talking to someone other than her parents but he ignored. 3) Now in april 2015 my parents went to out of town for some family function and before that the girl said "Mummyji you go and don't worry ill take care of home and Dadi" (My Grandmother was staying with us), also Girl's mother was also informed for this. The moment my parents reached at location they got a call from Girl's mother saying that, how can you leave my girl alone and soughed a lot over them, my parents were surprised with that call and said we already informed you about this. During the tour my parents used to call girl to know how is she. 4) After finishing tour my parents landed in Mumbai to meet me and my sister who stays in mumbai only. After couple of days my dad went alone to nashik to see his old mother (My Gandmother) and girl, my mother stayed with us for some more days. The day my dad reached at home and getting freshen then girls suddenly said, "Papaji I am going to my parents home as they are having marriage anniversary today" and she walked from there. 5) After that till today she hasn't come back. In between a) My father called Girl's father to get exact issue, in turn Girl's father abused my parents very badly. b) my brother came to India after finishing his contract and stayed for 2-3 months and tried to settle issue but that also didn't work. 6) Now; a) the girl had logged complaint in Mahila Ayog Police Station and asked my brother to breach contract and be thr, but due to so many penalty and other charges we gave application for extending date till couple of months, which got accepted. Also in complaint she has written that, our family did mental & Physical harassment with her and we asked for dowry which they gave us. b) on behalf of my brother, my parents went to Mahila Ayog Police Station where the girls and here parents soughed a lot and they were very much fake is there statement. Girl said, she doesn't want to stay with my brother and family. c) Since Mhaila Ayog felt that the complaint was fake, girl logged the complaint in near police station where the complaint statement is different than the previous. We have not received any of the notice to be present in police station yet. There are so many thing to put regarding this but not feasible. Request you to guide us, how can we save our-self as girl herself said that she doesn't want to stay with our family and brother. Also after more than 1yr she logged the compliant.