Salaries not paid

Dear Sir / Mam, we areabout 50 members working for one of the MNC company located in bangalore, our company is a subcontracting company ( Manpower and faclity provider ) for one of the major company in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia. our team is dedicated to that client and all the salaries were managed by the client through our company by deputing a manager in our office to manage the work and team since 2000. and things we going well up to 2014. Since 2015 beacause of Oil prices the construction works were slowed down in Saudi Arabia and our company started to delay the salaries by month by month and we got our last salary in the month of april 2016 for the month of December 2015 and after we have not received any salary. our salaries are pending since the Month of January 2016 to till date ( 8 months salary pending) the company is saying that the salaries will be paid once they recive the salary from the client. the same situation is also their at out client office their also the employees have not received the salaries since 8 months.(recently our external affairs minister also visited saudi to sort out the salary siiues but no results) as we have been appointed by the local company here and they are responsible for our salaries and other settlements as per labour laws so kindly suggest how to tackle the situation and get our salaries from the local company Regards Sam