Desertion and threating

Hi we got married in Apr 10th 2015 and for both of us it is 2nd marriage and zero dowry we took infact i gave gold ornaments purchased from my salary she took divorce in first marriage in USA as she is working in USA and earning 2000 dollars a month and she has H1B visa and i took divorce in india in my first marrige i work in india in call center we both met in matrimonial . She came to india and got married to me After marriage she stayed with me for one month and left to USA and i told her i will come there on student visa which did not happen due to financial problems at my end then i thought i wil save money from my salary and go but she started looking at me insulting stating iam fit for nothing and incapable person ans her mom used to call 1000 times in midnight and used to pressurize me to go USA inspite of me stating that i have loans to clear in india and finally i resigned my job and decided to go to USA in nov 2015 i booked tickets and then my wife called me that she i coming back to india for some work I cancelled my tickets and wen she came back to india i took separate rented house and told her not to go USA and she told me if u come to USA u see dire consequences and she left the house with in 3 days again I was jobless for 6 months and in May 2016 i got job again her relatives are coming to my brother house were my parents stay they are stating that they will leave my wife at my parents house were as iam not staying with my parents and my parents are not willing to keep my wife them still they are insisting Please help with the information what cases she can file and can she stay in my brother house were my parents are residing and iam staying separately in rented house..and she is not willing to come and stay with me here.????