MlL and SIL giving solutions of separating me and my husband

My husband and I have been married for only a few months now. We love each other, but are going through the adjustment phase. But everytime MIL or SIL visits us, or we go to their place, they keep commenting on me, and finally when I can't take it anymore, they create a big issue and instigate my husband against me. My husband understands me very few times and most of the times ends up blaming me. When the 2 of us are alone, we only fight on our respective family issues. But MIL and SIL are interfering and they think of it as their right to take decisions at our home. My husband blindly trusts them and doesn't see things from my perspective. Last weekend, my SIL came to our house, started blaming me for petty things messed up in the house, said extremely unpleasant things to me, and when I spoke back, she complained everyone from my husband to my parents in law, I cried on the phone to my husband, on which he fought with me, I felt helpless and shouted and he stopped talking to me. My SIL kept blocking him from talking to me and sorting stuff, and next day my father in law showed up and took my husband away. My sister in law is married, but stays separate from her husband in a city close to where we are residing. My parents became helpless and cried on phone, I begged my husband not to leave me and go, but my parents in law asked my parents to call me back home, and my mother in law says she wouldn't let us meet for anothercouoke of years. They say my husband gets paralytic attack when he cries when we fight, but we fight because it's instigated by them. And now they have announced we both shouldn't live together since we are dangerous to each other,but I know my husband isn't that weak psychologically though he is extremely emotional. I'm pregnant which my husband knows, but he left without saying a word, and now I'm in bad state.