Inerim order of maintenance can be challenged?

I am government medical officer and wife is also government medical officer Our marriage was on Nov 2014 . And she left me on April 2015 after getting pregnant for 1 month. Her mother don't want to leave her because she is only one good earning girl. She has three sisters and one brother of which one is married and others unmarried.her mother is anganwadi sevikha and her dad retired clerk.Her mom don't wanna leave her. Now she is is pregnant . She use to give full salary to her mom every month. When I opposed her mom and my wife called on phone to my sister's husband and gave bad words which is cannot be heardby anyone . Now I have moved to family court and applied for judicial separation. Court order both of us to bring salary slip from Jan 2016 to which I gave mine but she didn't gave. I heard I had a baby boy born on Oct 2015 but till date I have not seen him . I applied in family court to see baby .but she refused saying baby can't be bought in court as baby is preterm baby. I can't go to her place as it's not feasible. Court also didn't asked for any documents that baby has really born or not. Now court order interim maintenance of 3000 ripped from Feb 2016 My Question is court didn't included her income because I asked for her salary certificate but court didn't say anything about it or not seen her salary certificate I haven't seen my baby boy which she quote Without looking baby and without taking in consideration her salary how can court order interim order for maintenance Can this be challenged in high court How can I get divorce and get Reed of it as soon as possible One time out of court settlement offered from her but she want 1 core which is impossible for me.