Road approach to our village is blocked, how to take court help

Hi, I have mentioned problem faced by our village in below lines. Please let me know how I can take court help. ======================================================================== Our village Mukka is located in Mangalore District of Karnataka state. It is under the administration of Mangalore City Corporation. We are residing in a part of village having around 30 acres of agriculture area. We are about 15 houses of small farmers, having approx. 2 acres of land each. We have listed problems faced by us in below points. 1. Around 30 years ago, our land was blocked from road approach from a sand refinery company by building compound wall. We have been fighting for road from then onwards. 2. On 21-Apr-2011, we submitted an application to City Corporation for providing road approach. We offered 20 feet width of land across our area freely for this purpose. 3. But objection was raised by 2 parties for using their land for road construction (at entry point of our land to existing corporation road for around 4.5 cents ) 4. Below actions were taken by City corporation based on our application – I. City Corporation has acquired disputed 4.5 cents land (No. L.A.Q S.R 4/12-13 Award No. 9/13-14 dt. [deleted] and DC Order No. L.A.Q/CR/10/2012 – 13/86613/B1 dt. 12.12.2013) and granted award. ( PDF copy of Award grant letter is attached) II. As per above government order on [deleted] - Revenue Inspector, Special land acquisition office, Mangalore City Corporation has handed over acquired land to Executive Engineer, Mangalore City Corporation. (PDF copy of Land Handover letter is attached) 5. But after this there no action from City Corporation till today on this. We have sent almost 5 reminders, visited commissioner office around 100 times and begged for action but there is no action from City Corporation. 6. Due to lack of road approach we are facing many problems on daily basis – Have to carry agriculture materials in hand, cannot bring any vehicles for any purpose, Patients, senior citizens have to be carried in hand during medical emergencies, death of patients due to lack of treatment on time, cannot re-construct old houses, no street lights etc. 7. We suspect there may be influence from land mafia in this inaction from City Corporation so that we have to stop agriculture, stop living here.