Employer not paying salary timely

Dear Advocates, Greetings, I am working with Indian construction firm in West africa, which represent from UAE but administration is from India. I joined firm 5 months backs still in prohibition period for 1 month, there are not paying salary timely. As per contract salary is spitted into two parts 50% paid from UAE to Indian account, 50% will be paid at residing local country by cash. Also first 3 month UAE salary part will be kept on hold, during full & final settlement it will be paid. Presently I am not happy, because we came so long by leaving dependants to earn some money, but there are not paying both salary timely. During last 5 month, I financial hook-up a lot. We have to take approval for salary and remind them every time. Also present financial situation in firm is in tight position, I am no more interested to continue with such firm, want to leave gently with resignation and serve my notice period 15 days and leave back to India. Before tendering my resignation, Please guide legally how I can should continue and approach them to get my due salary, with full & final settlement & return ticket(if not provided).(Approx. FnF amount: 2.25 INR + pending PM salary+ Air ticket) Prior one of my colleague, left firm serving notice period. Till date management not settled his full & final. Tried a lot to put fraud case in local country against him to hold his dues, but failed. He took proper clearance from Accounts, Stores & project team. Also management not responded and failed to provide his return ticket to india, he went on his own expenses, he served 4 yrs to firm went unhappy. Lost hope’s because of management behaviour & attitude. Same at Locally 3 labor court cases are about for hearing from localities(Africans) on this firm hopefully soon management have to pay penalty impose by local law. Kindly advice how I can escalate this issue. Thanks & Regards,