Where /How to reply to notice under sec 125 Cr.PC

I live in Hyderabad. My wife (marriage in 2000) and school going children (then in class 4 and class 7) were forcibly taken away by my wife's parents in June 2014 asking me to come to Indore (their hometown). I did not go and my wife did not come back or contact me. Now an advocate from Indore has sent me a notice u/s 125 asking for Rs. 1 Lakh per month as maintenance. I am unemployed for the past 11 years and have been living off my earlier savings when I worked in USA for 6 years as software engineer. In the notice my wife alleges that my parents were cruel to her and she was compelled to leave for well being of kids. Also, she is willing to live with me separately from my parents. My parents are aged (father 77 years, mother 67 years) and in ill health(father living with heart failure). I am their only son. From last year's IT return of my wife, her total income was 7 Lakhs with salary income of 3 lakhs. She was not working when she lived with me. What is my best course of action? I belong to middle class family and 1 lakh per month is exorbitant amount for me. Where , How and to whom should I reply to this notice ? I want to say that the allegations are false and the reality is completely different from what is painted in the notice. (e.g. the notice says that she is not working anywhere) Please help. Thanks and regards.