Builder not giving possession of bungalow from 5 years

This is a ongoing matter in Dhule, Maharashtra. There is a gang (10-15 members) who operate and grab the bungalows of innocent helpless families. There are local politicians, goons and some police staff members involved in this crime. We had given contract for construction of bungalow at Dhule to Engineers Mr. Anil Deshmukh and Mr. Sunil Deshmukh (Aniruddha Constructions) in Year 2010. Mr. Anil Deshmukh had misused various construction materials from our site to his other construction sites. We have given him plan for 1440 sq ft. But for his own benefits he extended construction upto 2550 sq ft. Due to theft of materials from our site and extension of work without prior permission from Mahanagarpalika, we had lodged several police complaints against builders. After lodgement of several complaints from us, he had prepared false sale deed of our bungalow and handed over the same to his criminal person Pradeep Jadhav who stays in our bungalow. But Ex-MLA Manoj More of NCP managed Police Department by taking bribes from builders. Also Additional S.P. of Dhule city, Mr. Chandrakant Gavali took huge bribes from builders and hence S.P. Chaitanya Sharma and his department is unable to take proper actions. The case papers which get filed in court were also misplaced on demand of senior police authorities! We visited Dhule Police Station several times for help but each and every officer is corrupted and everyone backs off as if its a every day routine for them. As we are suffering from more than 5 years, we need a very good and clean lawyer who will not waste years of time and help solve the court cases.