Forcefully property is trying to take

Hello sir i am Danish Eqwal.basically i am from bihar ....but right now i am delhi problem is that my home is in bihar ...i belongs from whole family liveing in the part of bihar .... lets you know about relationship which is associated with this property ....there my house has been made by my father Grandfather have two son,one is my father and another is my uncle ,,,,bt the thing is that all property has been given to my uncle along my house .....the paper of this property my grandfather does,nt have .....he is liveing there for a long time without paper....then my father got married overthere my family member i and my there sister and my parent still living there ....but everyday my grandfather is threatning us to leave the house ....because this property does,nt belongs to u ,,,,,,but on that property the house has been made by my father ..these days my grandfather forefully saying that leave the house ...what is case order to fix this can you please recommend me sir thank you..