Samung not provinding after sales service

Hello sir/mam i am in problem from last 20 days. i have purchased a samsung phone last year which is not working properly from few days.For this i have moved to the authoriserd service centre also and they advised me to change of some part to get device work properly but they said the phone get damaged due to water so this will not come in warrenty extra charges will be apply. i said ok no issues just change the part i will pay. they just changed the part and give the phone back to me after 2 days but on same day the same issue comes again in my phone and i moved to the service centre again they told me we need to format your phone then it will start working properly that time my question to the service centre was " if formatting a phone is an option then why you have changed the part that means previous part was also working properly because the same issue is coming in phone after replacing the part that simply means there was no need of changing the part and just to take money you have changed the part unnecessarily ."but he just convinced me that after formatting no issue will come and i said okk no problem and they service centre people said if the issue come again we are sitting here only don't worry. but the same thing happen again and i have make video to show them because the issue didnt come evertime and it come sometime and when i have showed them they answer me that "sir humne aapko check kra k diya tha ab kch nhi ho skta . we need to replace another part this time may be your phone start working properly after replacing the mother board" previously they have charged RS 1600/- FOR REPLACING THE PART WHICH WAS NOT REQUIRED AND NOW THEY HAVE GIVEN ME THE ESTIMATE OF RS 8,000 APPROX TO GET PHONE WORKS OKHH .For this bheaviour i have already complaint to the samsung 1. FEEDBACK TEAM 2. CUSTOMER CARE 3. RAJASTHAN REGIONAL HEAD 4. HEAD OFFICE DELHI 5. SAMSUNG CEO OFFICe no one have take any action against this type of behavior done with the customer and last action comes from CEO OFFICE they call me and said that they will definitely help me out from this problem. they assure me for the proper solution.Till this assurance my phone was in warrenty infact 2 days were more left for warrenty has to bear the amount of RS 10,000 IF THIS HAPPEN . why will i bear the charges what is my fault in this previously also i get this repaired in samsung authorised service centre only and you guys are reinspecting this in samsung service centre only . why should i bear the loss unnecessarily?" well i was not agree with them and said no for this proposal and they finally replied that now they can't do anything if i will agree then only something get happen otherwise sorry we cant help you out..