Mentat Hrrasment

Hi sir/mam, I am 35 years old lady from nagpur. My first marraige is dissolved. From my first husband I have a one 10 years old son. In Feb 2014 i had done second maaraige. At the time of the marraige my husband and mother in law and sister in law were accepted my son and I also accepted his daughter .He also have daughter from his first wife. All these people done my abortion by domonating me. They said that if u will give birth to child then u left this house. Husband is in influenced by her mother and sister. He only agrees his mother and sister even if they said false to him. Before 2 months there was a quarrel between me and my mother in law. Due to that quarrel i left my marital house. But after some days i realise my mistake. And I want to return to my marital house but all these 3 members said that u left your son and then come.and say sorry to husband mother in law and sister in law. I said. Sorry to husband and mother in law. But why shuould i said sorry to sister in law? I dont like her interference in my family. But they said that u said sorry to her left your son then come. My husband mother in law and sister law also torture my husband also dont registered my marraige.and there no any written acceptance of my son . I also earn more money than my husband.My mother in law wanted share from my salary.He also dont spend money for my son's education. I also lost my brother. So I have my fathers property also. I thick that they use me physically and financially. What can I do?what legal provisions will be there?