Illegal House constructed without GHMC Permission

I am from hyderabad, 6-7 month back my immediate neighbour started construction of g+3 house without GHMC approved plan, with no setback, they also encroached 2-3 feet of govt road land on the east side. In addition to this they have opened balcony on each of the floor in the north side of my plot.We also raised objection, however, my neighbour did not stopped the construction. Hence, I have registered a complaint with GHMC Commissioner but no action from GHMC. Reason best known to GHMC.. This has affecting my easement right(privacy, security). Now The construction is almost in the final phase of completion. what better I can do to get this fixes.Can I now compliant in police station under section 268 of IPC as public nuisance or do I have to issue a legal notice to GHMC commissioner for not taking action. or I have to construct boundary wall to fix the problem. In case If a legal notice is served, will there be any hindrance, if I start my own house construction. Also let me know the time frame to fix this issue, if I follow the legal procedure. Please advise..