Can i registered gift deed be challenged??

My grandmom gifted a property to my dad through registered gift deed in 2010 witdout informing to my uncle because my grandmom did not want to inform him as he and all his family members are to much arrogant and aggressive by nature.after 3 months of that execution my grandmom passed away and during her funeral ceremony my uncle got to know about this gift deed execution.since the time they are making disturbance in our peaceful possession in dat gifted property by taking entry unlawfully.we have already applied for a permanent injunction on our property and hence the court already ordered to maintain status quo(my uncle's family has no iota to take entry in that suit property).but still they r taking entry continuously by violating the status quo n moreover they claimed n given the petition to the court that the gift deed which had been executed widout informing them that was forcefully as my grandmom was not physically n mentally fit on that time (which is not true).so can court cancel a registered gift deed if my uncle claims so?And if we get the permanent injuction would we be able to sell that property??