My wife is harassing me . what should i do ?

I got married in jan 2016. since i was leaving to work abroad i wen after 1 month ..since i was not in wife requested me for permission to work as she is a doctor for 2 months in a city away from my home town. i agreed to it. later unfortunately i lost my job .i came back in last week of wife has joined and did not come back home as she said she had a contract with the may when she came back..i got to know from a social networking site that she went with some other guys in a hotel room ( a 5 star hotel ) ..she confessed that it was just a friend but did not agreed that it was a hotel room. regular arguments followed for the next 3 months. now she has filed 498A , 307 against me and my 2 sisters and my parents. she has also managed to get fake medical reports to prove this. now what i have is some pictures and some voice call records. now even after filing case against me and my family..she came back to my parents home. we went to the police station ..but the police denied to take action as its her right .. the house is on my grand mothers name . please help me..i want to get divorce