Harassment in property case

My father purchased a house in the name of my mother in 2005. On the year 2011 my parents gave this house to me through a registered gift deed. My two elder brothers & their in-laws objected on this matter. (parents have already bought separate houses for them where they lives). Parents called a family meeting to resolve this issue. Eldest brother demanded Rs 10 lakhs from me against the settlement of my house given by the parents. I gave Rs. 10 lakhs to Eldest brother (my father witnessed the reciept) & parents gave one more property to my another elder brother in this family settlement. Now, with hatred & jealousy, mother in law of my eldest brother along with my bhabhi, brainwashed my father, and my father served a legal notice to my mother (property was in her name) and me. My father started torturing my mother and pressuring me to return the property to him. My mother did not agreed as she stands on her decision, she knows everything and she believed that everyone has got fair share. My father took my mother to village {uttrakhand} for the reason to construct toilet there and after 25 days my mother died in mysterious circumstances. And situation was covered by my father. After performing last ritualls of my mother we all came back to city. My father again served a legal notice to me and asked me to return the property. After my father filed a suit in the court that i fraudntly transferred the property in my name. The case is under process in the law, but on the other hand my father along with my bhabi and her mother. is making conspiracy against me by making false complaints in police, relatives, society, in my office (I am a force personell) and where possibly he can do. I am being harassed and depressed please HELP ME WITH YOUR SUGGESTIONS. WHAT SHALL I DO?