Ancestral property

Hi there, This is in reference to the ancestral property of my Grandfather which was transferred to two of my uncle's name after demise of my Grandfather,in good faith since they were the eldest at tht time.And my dad was very young though not a minor.My dad were 6 brothers n 2 sisters. After few years family dispute took place and both uncle claimed properties leaving nothing for my father and three other brothers. My father was only one who was nt settled at tht time being youngest and had two young kids to look after,due to which he didnt claim his share. But nw since we r grown ups we think it was unfair done on our uncle's part we would like to claim this share. So wat are our rights and entitlements to it. Also there is only one thing positive in this case tht when my Grandfather passed and this property was transferred under both Uncle's name one of my dads brother was serving duty in airforce and his signatures were forged. But tht brother does nt want to go for legal proceedings.Therefore,can we use this as our defence to claim property as my dad was innocently befooled by both of my uncle. Wht are our legal options available if any?